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3 Crucial Times to Have an Electrical Inspection

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The major purpose of any electrical inspection is to ensure that the electrical system and components in your house or commercial building are in good working condition and don’t pose risks to you and your property. It is highly advised for any property owner to have a trusty electrical contractor in Toronto on call to conduct these inspections:

  • Checking for exposed wires, outdated wiring, and uncovered permanent wiring
  • Examining the power and circuit breaker box 
  • Testing safety switches
  • Testing the lighting and power points
  • Determining whether there is any DIY wiring in place
  • Testing the smoke alarms
  • Looking for any electrical components that don’t comply with safety regulations

As you can see, electrical inspections deal with incredibly important yet sensitive issues that could strongly impact your property. While it is advisable to set up an annual schedule for inspections, there are certain events that may occur that will call for immediate inspection:

1. If your home or building is old

The typical issues that can be faced by an old home are tripping circuit breakers and regular power outages. If any of these happens in your property, call your electrical contractor in Toronto immediately as old, faulty electrical systems can be a serious hazard.

2. Before you buy a house

Getting the help of an electrician to perform an inspection before you sign the contract for your new property is very important. This is why it is imperative to have a reliable and trusted electrical contractor in Toronto that you can depend on, as they will be able to identify hazardous electrical situations and report them to you without any bias.

3. After a big storm

Flooding and storm damage can have serious impacts on the electrical system in your property. They can cause electrical faults that may become a huge risk to everyone in your building. An electrical inspection can tell you if there has been major storm damage and how to fix it.

If you’re looking for an electrical contractor in Toronto that you can rely on, look no further – with decades of experience in the field and boasting stellar customer reviews, Astron Electric is your go-to service for all things electricity!


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