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3 Emerging Industry Trends Faced by Electrical Companies in Toronto

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The electrical industry in Canada is facing new opportunities and challenges due to the emergence of several factors. These include demographic shifts, changing customer expectations, emerging technology and volatile economic conditions. All players within the industry, with no exceptions for any electrical company in Toronto, are being challenged to be flexible with their business strategies to be at par with the emerging market demands.


From the perspective of an electrical company in Toronto’s competitive and demanding market, these are some of the more important changing trends:


Uptake of pre-purchasing trends by end users

There is a growing percentage of electrical contractors who are hired to take on labor roles only. This results in a loss of control over projects, compromising their value proposition, and decreases profit margins. This trend also brings the issue of safety and liability concerns and leads to a mistrust between contractors and manufacturers who may sell directly to end customers.


Re-evaluation of business models

The current realities are prompting electrical contractors to re-evaluate their business models to reflect a new subset of demands created with new products and technologies. An electrical company in Toronto can decide to choose between two strategies, either to diversify with a wider range of services or to specialize on their core expertise.


Abundance of tech-based services

Electrical contractors are increasingly relying on manufacturers and distributors to offer more web-based training programs and product updates. The availability of these tech-based services and new technologies are relevant to educate them about the emerging product trends while meeting new customer demands.


These changes and growing industry trends are expected to occur at an increasingly demanding pace. In order to keep pace with these business environment, electrical contractors should think forward and monitor such changes to stay ahead of the shift.


This forward-thinking approach is very important to meet new customer and employee expectations. That is what we exactly do at Astron Electric to deliver the most effective and satisfying electrical services and projects. Contact us today to request a consultation.

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