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3 Signs You Should Call Your Electrical Contractor in Toronto

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DIY home projects have become all the rage as a way to save money in upgrading your home’s visual aesthetic and/or value. Unfortunately, DIY should not be applied to every home project – especially jobs that involve your home’s electrical system. Knowing red flags when you see them should necessitate a call to your go-to electrical contractor in Toronto – instead of attempting to deal with the issue yourself.


Today we’ll discuss a few electrical system red flags that indicate you should make a call to your electrical contractor in Toronto. 


Electrical System Failure


Older homes with outdates electrical systems are not capable of meeting the needs of contemporary electrical demands. The result is consistent system failure due to fuses blowing or circuit breaker tripping. If you find your home’s electrical system is failing constantly, it’s worth upgrading your system by calling your local residential electrician.


Flickering or Dimly-Lit Lights


An electrical system overload is evident when there is too much electrical demand i.e. having multiple appliances that use a considerable amount of power run at the same time, and on the same circuit. The solution is to make a call to your electrician so that they can connect each appliance to its own individual circuit.


Excess Extension Cords


Having an excess of extension cords can lead to an increased risk of electrical fire. Too many extension cords in your home is indicative that your home does not have a sufficient number of electrical outlets. Reduce your risk of electrical fire by calling in an electrician to install enough electrical outlets to meet your needs.


Finding a Reputable Electrical Contractor in Toronto


Astron Electric has served Toronto and the GTA for over 45 years. We pride ourselves on providing excellent service and customer care in ensuring your home’s electrical system is safe for you and your family. No job is too large or too small – from red flags, to simple inquiries regarding your home’s electrical needs call Astron Electric today!

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Posted by: Alisha | November 21, 2019, 7:25 pm
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