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4 Helpful Tips for Choosing a New Electric Company in Toronto

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Choosing the right electric company in Toronto for your home or business electrical services is critical. You want to choose a company that is reliable and professional. Since 1970, at Astron Electric we have been providing exceptional services to our clientele. We understand the importance of having the right people to do the job well.


Choose the best electric company in Toronto for all your electrical services and needs!


Here are the four tips to keep in mind when you choose your next electric company:


Tip #1: Make Everything Clear 
It is important to have clear details on the project you need completed by your new electrician. Determine whether the project will be along the lines of a large scale renovation or a small simple upgrade and repair. In addition, give a reference of time you want to project to be completed by and the details of what you want to achieve in the end. The more information you can provide your new electrician the better they will understand if they can complete your project or not.


Tip #2: Look For A Licensed Contractor
Electrical services, changes, or repairs should be done by a licensed professional. This means that the electric company in Toronto you choose should be licensed by the Electrical Safety Authority and insured. An electrical license is a great indicator of whether or not the electrician you are contracting has completed the required courses and training in order to complete a safe and reliable job. A non-licensed or insured electrician can accidentally make a dangerous mistake in your home or business.


Tip #3: Get A Different Quote

If the electrical issue you are facing is not time sensitive, it is ideal to get more than one quote for the project. For example, three quotes would be sufficient to understand how different electrical companies view the value of their services. Additionally, ensure each quote has an accurate and clear breakdown of the costs that will be involved. Getting more than one quote is a useful tool to find a price that is right for the job being done and avoids the opportunity for unforeseen expenses to arise.


Tip #4: Trust Your Gut

Choose an electric company in Toronto that you feel more comfortable doing business with. Do not be hesitant to ask any questions to make everything clear for you and the electrician you are contracting. If you are confident that the contractor understands what you want and communicates well with you, then it is your best choice to trust your instincts.


At Astron Electric, we strive to build a reputation of reliability and professionalism among our clientele. We deliver cost-effective solutions to any electrical problems you may be having. We are committed to providing only the best electrical services. Call or email us today to learn more about the services we offer!

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