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4 Methods to Reduce Electricity Consumption

With the urgent need for increased environmentalism, everyone is trying to think of effective ways to conserve resources, energy being one of them. A significant reduction in your electricity usage will not only give you savings but is also great for the environment. Astron Electric is a reliable electric company in Toronto with decades of experience and a firm understanding of electrical conservation and usage.

Here are some tips that can help you make a substantial dent in your electricity bills and conserve energy for the sake of the environment: 

1. Installation of dimmer switches

One of the most effective ways to reduce your power consumption is by installing dimmer switches. This works best with LED lights and so if you have incandescent bulbs, you may have to replace them with LED lights.

2. Choose Appliances that Rated Are for Energy Efficiency

Energy efficient appliances are all the rage nowadays because of their massive potential to help save money. You do not necessarily need to swap out your entire collection of appliances and machinery – you can simple opt for a more energy efficient unit when the time comes around for a replacement.

3. Lower the Temperature of Your Water Heater

More energy is needed in order to generate more heat. As a reputable electric company in Toronto, Astron Electric is happy to advise our clients about their systems’ thermostats and how to lower energy consumption in households.

4. Use A Thermostat for HVAC Systems

Another way to save energy is by buying a programmable thermostat to control your central air conditioning or heating systems. This can help you save on monthly electricity bills.

Call Astron Electric, your friendly electric company in Toronto with close to 50 years of experience, to send our expert electricians to your building to install high-quality systems and advise on effective methods to conserve energy and make savings.

Awesome, thanks for the tips. Time to start saving!
Posted by: Paula | June 27, 2019, 9:56 am
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