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5 Electrical Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

There’s no debating the importance of adhering to electrical safety standards. A licensed electrician in Toronto will tell you that being equipped with basic knowledge when it comes to electrical safety will mitigate the risk of serious injury – or even death. But you’d be surprised to know that many people still don’t know some of the risks associated with careless behaviour when working with or around electrical systems.

Electrical current can injure the human body in a number of ways including thermal burns, cardiac arrest, muscle, nerve, and tissue destruction.


As licensed electricians in Toronto, Astron Electric understands the importance of adhering to safety standards. To avoid the risk of injury due to electrical current, we are going to delve into 5 safety tips everyone should know.


1. Turn Off Power

In the event that you need to perform minor electrical work – from changing a lightbulb to installing a new light fixture, be sure to turn off the power off at the source. Turning the light switch off is not sufficient to ensuring there is no electrical current. If you’re unsure how to cut off the power, it might be best to consult the advice of an experienced electrician.


2. Avoid Long-Term Use of Extension Cords

While extension cords offer utility for short-term needs, you should never rely on them as a permanent power source. If you’re in need of more power have an electrician install a new outlet that can handle the amount of power you’ll need on a daily basis.


3. Tamper-Resistance Receptacles

If you have toddlers or small children at home investing in tamper-resistant receptacles will mitigate any risk of them getting electrocuted if they stick anything into an electrical outlet. Kids are naturally curious – for ease of mind, switch over to tamper-proof receptacles to ensure your children’s safety.


4. Warm Outlets are a Concern

If you notice that one of your electrical outlets is constantly warm, this could indicate a poor connection which can lead to electrical shock hazards and even electrical fire.


5. When in Doubt Call a Professional  

Finally, when it comes down to it – leave it to the professionals. If you’re unsure about an electrical situation, call an electrician. A licensed electrician in Toronto will be able to assess whether or not something can lead to potential hazard.

I'll definitely keep an eye on these going forwards!
Posted by: Hannah | October 17, 2019, 3:18 pm
Awesome tips! Electrical safety is really important and is sometimes underrated
Posted by: Malia | September 19, 2019, 9:13 am
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