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Answering FAQ About Electrical Work in Toronto

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If you’re considering renovating your home or are currently in the midst of renovating your home, knowing when to hire the services of an electric company in Toronto is imperative to ensure getting the job done safely and effectively. In previous posts we’ve spoken about the dangers of DIY electrical work, today we’ll be substantiating those claims by delving into the frequently asked questions surrounding electrical work in Toronto.


Is there any provincial legislation that must be adhered to when conducting electrical work?

The Ontario Electrical Safety Code is the provincial authoritative legislation that dictates the safety standards required for the installation and maintenance of electrical equipment.  Currently in its 27th edition, the code undergoes revision as technological and safety changes within the electrical industry evolve. Such changes are established through a broad consultative process at both provincial and federal levels of government, and in cooperation with the Electrical Safety Authority.

It is imperative that home owners and electrical contractors adhere to the guidelines set out in the Ontario Electrical Safety Code as a basis for ensuring safety when conducting electrical work and maintaining electrical equipment. If you are conducting electrical work in your home, you’ll need to provide proof that it is compliant with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code.  


Who should I hired to conduct electrical work in my home?

If you’re going to hire an electric company in Toronto to conduct electrical work in your home, you must ensure that they are a Licensed Electrical Contractor. General handymen are not permitted to do electrical work in residential areas unless they have been licensed under the ECRA/ESA. It may appear to be simple enough to hire someone who is not properly licensed to do the job, but electrical mistakes occur and the repercussions can be both costly and deadly.

Luckily you can rest assured knowing that all licensed electrical contractors must adhere to the legislation set out in the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workplace Safety and Insurance Act, and other pertinent legislation. Licensed electrical contracts are:

·         Completely insured for your protection (i.e. in the event that an unlicensed electrician gets hurt on the job – you’re responsible)

·         Are capable of arranging the correct permits for the job

·         Are certified to conduct the scope of the electrical work required

·         Can offer a formal Certificate of Inspection to certify that the work put into the job at hand is in compliance with the pertinent legislation and in good working order



What Type of Electrical Work Requires a Permit?

Typically, all electrical work in Ontario will require a permit. The permit process also necessitates the occurrence of a proper inspection once the electrical work is complete, upon passing the inspection the job is issued a Certificate of Inspection. A licensed electrical contractor will be able to easily guide you through what electrical work requires a permit. If there is any confusion you can refer to the Electrical Safety Authority’s chart here.


How Do I Find an Electric Company in Toronto who is a Licensed Electrical Contractor?

Trying to find an experienced electric company in Toronto that is also properly licensed by the ESA can be tough. Luckily Astron Electric Ltd. offers over 30 years of experience in both large-scale and small-scale electrical contracting and wiring necessary for ensuring customer satisfaction every time. Astron provides high-quality electrical work that is in compliance with the legislation set out in the Ontario Electrical Safety Code, the Occupational Health and Safety Act, and the Workplace Safety and Insurance Act to maintain our standard that the job is completed effectively and safely each time.



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