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  • Home Renovations
  • Knob And Tube Replacement
  • New Custom Home Wiring
  • 100, 200 & 400 Amp Service And Panel Upgrades
  • All Work Hydro And Esa Approved
  • Rewiring Of Older Homes
  • Lighting And Power Installations
  • Fire Alarm Installations
  • Stores And Office Wiring


Astron Electric: Your Reliable Residential Electrician in Toronto

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Do you have an old home or a failing electrical system? Is it no longer as efficient, bringing you bigger bills and more worries? You may need an electrical system upgrade or maintenance and repair – not only to lower your bills but to ensure your family’s safety. Minor electrical updates and fixes such as lighting and temperature controls, wiring, energy efficient bulbs and switches go a long way, along with the expert advice of a residential electrician in Toronto.


New homes and residential condominiums also benefit from the expertise and certification of a qualified residential electrician in Toronto’s varied market.


A reliable electrician that is an expert in home electrical design and safety is of great benefit. They can provide excellent design, functionality, safety and power efficiency solutions that cater to your specific household needs. An electrical system with good wiring and components can lead to significant cost savings and peace of mind.

There are multiple benefits to relying on the proper residential electrician for your home construction, maintenance or upgrades:

·         Specialists- Experts in re-wiring old houses to modern standards and wiring new home constructions that meet and exceed current standards.

·         Multiple Service Coverage- With the ability and experience in replacing old knobs, electrical switches and tube wirings, they are fully licensed to do the job and meet every requirements.

·         Safety and Peace of mind- Experts at installing fire alarms and fire safety warning devices, so your old house or new home is up to standard for the wellbeing of your loved ones.

·         Lighting experts- Part our specialty is lighting installation and design, helping your determine the right lighting system so ensure efficiency.

·         Fully Licensed Electricians- A residential electrician in Toronto that is fully licensed can ensure all provincial and residential standards are met, keeping your insurance costs down and giving you peace of mind that all codes and regulations are up to date.


Contact Astron Electric today to learn more about power efficiency and how a residential electrician can help you keep your bills low.

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