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Astron Electrical - Electrical Contractor in Toronto

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Older homes in Toronto may find it hard to keep up with the electrical standards of the modern world. The evidence, like high bills or malfunctions, can’t be ignored or overlooked. Chances are that old systems that have not been maintained will eventually fail, even with dangerous consequences, and need to be repaired or upgraded. Evolving electrical codes are created to make homes safer, and modern technology demands power increases and more complex wiring systems. An electrical contractor in Toronto can help you upgrade or repair the system in your house or business, ensuring better energy performance, lower bills and increased safety.


An electrical contractor in Toronto like Astron Electrical can provide expert advice, technical support and repair services with the right tools to address any need. Here are some of the things we can help you improve:


Antiquated wire insulation:

This is quite easy to determine: old standards simply do not apply. If you remove a switch cover or an outlet and there are bits of black rubber inside or very old wiring, or if the wire insulation is in bad condition, you may have a real hazard. These old standards will not cope with current electrical needs or meet safety standards.


Octopus at several outlets:

Strangled outlets with multiple plug strips and receptacle add-ons may push your electrical system beyond its normal capacity. With the help of a licensed electrical contractor in Toronto you can upgrade or add more circuits as needed to restore order and safety in your electrical system.


Rust formation is showing:

A sign of rust or moisture forming on or below your main service panel indicates that something is not right. Any deterioration at the main panel is a threat to the main wiring connections within it. It can also mean similar problems in your entire electrical system.


Flickering and waning lights:

Does your air conditioner or refrigerator make the lights dim? Most of large, motor-driven home appliances use huge amounts of current and need to be wired on their dedicated circuits. When your smaller appliances also cause you similar problems, then hiring a reputable electrical contractor in Toronto will address this issue – lowering bills and eliminating real safety issues.


Messy rug bumps under the carpet:

Wires running under your rugs or furniture is also dangerous. You may need more outlets to accommodate the growing need of your family or business, with better systems, lighting, and wiring more appliances and modern gadgets can be employed.

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