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Can a Handyman do Electrical Work?

can a handyman do electrical work

Homeowners often encounter situations in which the electric system malfunctions. People are often confused about whether to contact a handyman or a licensed electrician in such situations. They are often found googling handyman vs electrician on the internet. All factors need to be considered when making such decisions as they will affect the house's current and future health. Therefore, knowing whether to hire an electrician or a handyman for electrical wiring work is crucial.

Who is a Handyman?

The term handyman refers to a professional who performs physical tasks for people who are incapable of performing the tasks themselves. A handyman can take care of a wide range of tasks including house cleaning, electrical repairs, and hanging decorations.
A handyman doesn't need a license in most towns and states. A professional handyman may require liability insurance, however. An insurance policy protects the client against damages caused by poor installations, maintenance, as well as other projects. Many people avoid insurance to lower their expenses due to a lack of handyman work regulations.
Handymen can be described as household jacks of all trades. In addition to refinishing cabinet doors, they likely have some knowledge about evenly hanging wall shelves. However, they lack knowledge of complex topics such as electrical jobs and tasks.

Who is an Electrician?

As a trained and highly skilled professional, a licensed electrician deals with both commercial and residential electrical systems. An electrician takes care of everything from replacing aged or damaged wiring to running wires from the exterior and the shed.
These tasks are performed by electricians according to local and state building codes. It is well known to many people that electrical wiring work in the house must be done by professionals. An experienced and trained electrician is vital to your electrical jobs’ success.

Electrician Vs Handyman

Electrical contractors and handymen differ in their licensing requirements. Licensed electricians are qualified as professionals because they have the right licensing. In order to obtain all necessary licenses, an electrical contractor should be familiar with local electrical codes and have comprehensive insurance. Insurance provides protection for customers. In the event that any unlicensed electrician is injured on your property while working, you may also be held liable for their injuries. 
In the case of unlicensed electricians causing damage to the house during the job (considering they aren't trained enough, this may happen more often), homeowner's insurance does not cover it. You run into serious financial trouble if you hire a handyman to do electrical housework. Therefore, the savings you'll get from a handyman are not worthwhile. Since handymen don't pay for licensing and probably don't have decent apprentice tools, they offer low-cost repairs. 
Certainly, there are many handymen who understand electric systems and appliances. If you're trying to decide between an electrician vs a handyman, you should consider your electrical jobs’ requirements. There is no appropriate insurance coverage for damages caused by electrical wiring mistakes made by handymen. In other words, regardless of how tempting the offer may seem from the point of convenience and price, long-term investment in an insured deal with an electrician is crucial and you are responsible for all risks.
Even if you're changing the ceiling light fixture or adding new outlets to your room, you should delegate the job to an electrician if you want it done correctly. A professional and licensed electrician is recommended for large and complex projects. Additionally, they not only provide the best service but also perform work in a faster manner than electrical amateurs with little understanding of safety issues related to home repair.
If you are looking for a licensed electrician or a contracting company in Toronto for your electrical wiring work, please contact us today.


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  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Toronto ON
  • electric contractors Toronto