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  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
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Can I Hire an Unlicensed Residential Electrician?

It is not a crime to save money on your electrical installation or repair, but there can be massive risks to it. Hiring an unlicensed residential electrician might lead to lower expenses, but it may put your house, life, and electrical appliances at risk. The unlicensed electrician generally doesn’t follow the standard code and conduct and might lack the required permits for doing the electrical work. For complete safety, you should always hire a licensed electrician for electrical services in Toronto.

All the licensed electrical contractors have the required education, skills, and permits to work as an electrician. They are recognized by the government authorities as someone who can work as a residential electrician in Toronto. There’s a lot of hard work that goes into becoming a licensed electrician, which enables them to get all the experience and practical learning necessary for electrical jobs.

What are the risks of an unlicensed residential electrician?

Someone who doesn’t have a license to work as an electrician comes with a great amount of risk. Although he or she might have a lot of referrals and years of experience, giving your house in their hands is not as safe as you might think.
  • Damage wiring

A licensed electrician knows every set of wiring in your house as they are taught about it. An unlicensed electrician might damage the wiring of your home, which could lead to an electrical fire. These types of fires are irreversible and cause more damage than you can imagine. When you hire electrical services in Toronto, it always helps to know whether they are sending licensed professionals or not to ensure the safety of your wiring and the house.
  • Insurance liability

The worst thing about hiring unlicensed residential electricians is that they do not have any insurance liability. Any damage that is caused to them while repairing or any harm to the house will be put on you. You could have to pay thousands of dollars in damages just for hiring an unlicensed professional. A licensed residential electrician in Toronto will have complete insurance in case of any unfortunate event. They will bear full liability for any harm to them during the service.

  • Accidental circumstances

When you hire a licensed electrical contractor, there are minimal chances of any accidents. They are experts in their work and certified by an authority that acknowledges them the best at what they do. They would have worked on several projects beforehand and have the knowledge to handle electrical services of all sizes. There are high chances of accidents and damages in the case of unlicensed electricians. You can avoid these chances and reduce the risk to your safety by hiring a licensed electrician.

Hiring a licensed electrician is the right choice to safeguard your family and house while electrical work is going on. Don’t make the wrong move just to save a buck as it might cost you in thousands afterward. Ensure that you have a certified electrician on-board who knows the ins and outs of the electrical work needed to be done.

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  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Toronto ON
  • electric contractors Toronto