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Commercial Electrician Toronto - Latest Trends in Energy-Saving Lighting

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New and exciting developments in lighting technology are available for the eco-conscious business. Contact your commercial electrician in Toronto today! As we are all aware, sustainability is a crucial consideration in commercial lighting. Reducing energy consumption is great news for any budget and helps out the environment in a big way.

There are various toolkits available in the lighting market whose role is to shape the next generation of energy consumption and lighting requirements. It also allows businesses to foster productivity by using modern technologies that match modern lighting needs at a fraction of the overall lighting cost. This article showcases three hot trends emerging in metropolitan cities like Toronto. These latest lightning technologies are paving the way for a brighter future.

Trends in commercial lighting:

ü  Smart lighting technologies. The use of computer and mobile phone controlled LED technologies in commercial lighting is a major breakthrough that businesses will continue to enjoy in the upcoming years. Replacing older lighting systems, LED technology is effective in reducing both energy and expenses, making it a superior option in commercial lighting. LED technology has proven to be easily controllable through intelligent lighting systems such as wireless networks, occupancy and photo sensors. Your commercial electrician in Toronto has the expertise to effectively guide you on the best LED applications to meets your needs.

ü  Energy efficient lighting options. Traditional lighting has been run through fluorescent tubes and incandescent bulbs. This compares to modern LED technology, which combines energy saving advantages and being green. LED lights have also been developed to match various consumer lighting needs such as variety of colour, heat latency and ease of control. The use of these technologies makes it possible to drive down commercial operating costs in both the short and long-term.  

ü  Adoption of smart glass in buildings. Regulation of the amount of light and heat entering a building is of paramount importance when it comes to fostering the productivity of your employees. Among the latest developments in the commercial electrician world is the use of smart glass that regulates the amount of light and heat permeating into a building. As a result, businesses can now tap into the natural light from the sun during the day, leading to great savings on your energy bill. 

At Astron Electric we understand the unique needs that every business requires. Our commercial electrician Toronto specialists are always committed to delivering superior service at all times. 

Thanks for the help! I found what I was looking for!
Posted by: Tammy | August 11, 2017, 3:33 pm
I've saved so much switching to LED lights. And it doesn't hurt that it helps the environment right?!
Posted by: Ike | March 11, 2017, 10:57 pm
Everything seems to come down to LED :)
Posted by: Micah | February 1, 2017, 3:15 am
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