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Do Not DIY Chandelier Installations

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As part of the extensive electrical services in Toronto that we provide at Astron Electric, chandelier installations rank near the top for requests we receive from our customers.


A timeless lighting fixture, chandeliers provide effortless elegance to a room, acting as an eye-catching centrepiece.  


While the design of a chandelier is best left to the occupant, this doesn’t ring true for their installation. Let’s take a look at how it’s wise to contract out this work.


Is an Electrician Needed to Install a Chandelier?

Yes, requesting help from an electrical service in Toronto for the installation of a chandelier is recommended. Why? There are a number of reasons that can play into this:


1)   The typical loading an electrical box can carry is ~23kg. It is not uncommon for chandeliers to outweigh this limit – a licensed electrician can install support systems to get around this.

2)   If the wiring in your establishment is old then an update by a licensed electrician is essential.

3)   It is customary to have chandeliers installed in an area with no existing light fixture, in which case a licensed electrician can outfit your house with the required routing and wiring to your electrical panel.

4)   Certain features of your ceiling, such as height, skew, and accessibility, play a large role in determining the best course of action for chandelier installation. Licensed electricians are equipped to handle such situations for any abode, making for a safe and working fixture.

5)   Chandeliers are delicate by nature compared to more conventional light fixtures. Licensed electricians are trained to handle these without putting anyone at risk of harm.  


Fancy Overhead Fixtures, Low Overhead Costs

You may think that ensuring the quality and safety of a chandelier installation, or any lighting installation for that matter, comes at a premium. Wrong. At least not at Astron Electric.


We’ve become a go-to for electrical services in Toronto over the past 35 years. What’s allowed us to stay in the game for so long? Putting the customer first. We put the safety of Torontonians on a pedestal - ensuring this safety means non-extortionate prices. Get in touch to see how we get it right first time for you!


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