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Dos and Donts of home electrical repair by residential electricians in Toronto

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 For residential electricians in Toronto electrical work in homes begins with the most obvious of conundrums: houses are not alike. Even if two houses are built alike, it is unlikely that they are wired up the same way. And even if wiring was to spec, the way a house weathers and is adapted by its occupants to become a home has a big effect on its electrical system.

New cabling and outlets may have been installed; some outlets may have faced more wear and tear than others; and, of course, there are the usual idiosyncrasies. Basically the wiring can be very much like the proverbial ‘kick the backdoor in a particular way to open it’.

A residential electrician in Toronto has his or her work cut out then: to fix whatever needs to be, while be respectful of the quirks of the house.

 Here are some dos you should keep in mind when you call a professional residential electrician in Toronto:

  1. Expect the electrician to respect your home (i.e. don’t start ripping off panels when there are less destructive alternatives);

  2. A neat job - aesthetic appeal may seem forgotten in light of the moment, but seeing it day in and day out will be an eyesore;
  3. Ask for an explanation if any additional care or precaution must be taken for a few days or to prevent a recurring fault;
  4. Punctuality and transparency about the work done.


And here are some don’ts. Again, these apply as much to the electrician as they do to a homeowner:

  1. Don’t ask the electrician to “hurry it up” – electrical work is dangerous and an improper job can be harmful to the electrician and to you;
  2. Don’t ask for slip shod work – “that’ll do” is not an attitude to bring when safety is such a big factor;
  3. A botch job is a bad job – improvised repairs (unless deemed safe), exposed and loose wires are a strict no-no.


 At Astron Electric we know your home is your palace, and we treat it with the respect it deserves. Our residential electricians in Toronto are licensed, experienced and reliable. In addition to aesthetics and giving the installation or repair a polished look, we take your safety very seriously adhering to safety regulations.

We specialize in rewiring older homes (including replacing the old knob and tube wiring) and new custom home wiring. We perform service upgrades, wire stores. All our work is approved, insured and fully guaranteed.

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