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  • Specializing in rewiring older homes and new custom home wiring
  • Replacement of old knob and tube wiring by fully licensed electricians
  • 100, 200, 400 AMPS Service Upgrades
  • Service Panels Upgrades
  • Stores/Offices Wiring
  • Lighting and Power Installations
  • Fire Alarm Installations
  • All work approved, insured and fully guaranteed
Finding a Commercial Electrician in Toronto

 A commercial electrician in Toronto is a professional whose work is to ensure that the electrical wiring of structures is safe and functioning correctly. The tasks of this type of electrician are related to common electric repairs and installations. Occasionally, this electrician works on higher voltage systems. This electrician is often confused with an industrial electrician whose work is based in industrial facilities with high voltage systems. An industrial electrician’s work is more detailed and of a higher expertise compared to a commercial electrician. Both electricians possess similar and essential electrical knowledge but work in vastly different functions.

A commercial electrician in Toronto is responsible for maintaining and installing electrical devices in structures and buildings. For one to become an electrician, training is conducted through a degree and/or an apprenticeship. One must also receive an electrician’s license in order to conduct legal business.

Most people will interact with a commercial electrician at least once in a lifetime. When the need arises for an electrician it is important that you are able to find a professional one who is able to deliver quality work within the given time periods. Ensure that your electrician is properly licensed and that they have the required insurance. This helps you to avoid liability in the event that the electrician is injured on site, damages electrical devices, or disappears without completing the project.

Learn as much about your commercial electrician in Toronto before hiring them. Check for their previous projects and how their former clients rate their work. This gives you an insight as to the services they offer, the level of expertise and experience and the kind of contractor you will be dealing with as regards to customer service. It also helps you identify if there are any hidden costs and how you should deal with them. Reviews offer clarity on whether to pick an electrician or not.

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