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Homeowners Guide to Residential Electrical Wiring

homeowners guide to residential electrical wiring

Errant electricity and cooking are some of the most common causes of house fires in Canada. If older homes are still using the original wiring system, they are at risk of electrical fires. If your home is an old one then upgrade your residential electrical wiring, or if you are constructing a new home. Some owners like to DIY for installing electrical wiring at home as it is cost-effective. But if you are a novice and do not have time at your hand this, it's best to take the help of electrical contractors Toronto to avoid accidents at your home. Astro Electric Limited have given guide about resdiential electrical wriring, and entrust you with licensed and insured professionals to manage it.

Know different color and types of electrical wires

Black wires: Also known as ‘hot wires’, carries the live electrical load from the electric service panel to another destination or outlet.
Red wires: It is used to interconnect smoke detectors so that all the alarms go off at once.
White and gray wires: These neutral wires attract current and carry them throughout the home. They carry charge if the current load is not balanced.
Green wires: These wires connect the grounding terminal in an outlet box run it to a ground bus bar so that the current can escape to the ground if a live wire catches touches metal or another conductor. The green wires can only be connected to green wires but catch current if the electrical system is faulty.
Bare copper: The most common type of grounding wire.
Blue and yellow wires: These are sometimes used as hot wires in an electrical conduit. The blue wires are attached to switches both at the top and at the bottom of a staircase to control the same light.

Who can perform the electrical installation?

According to the Canadian Electrical Code, the owner of a single-family can do the electric installation but it is strongly recommended that if one does not have the basic knowledge about electrical wiring, then hiring professional electric services near you is the best approach. Due to the hazard involved in this job, the Electrical Inspection Section recommends that electric contractors Toronto should be able to install pool grounding and install electrical equipment for the pool; and should be able to install and make changes to the main electrical services.
The Canadian Electrical Code also advises that a master electrician is required for installation services like works exceeding 100 amps, works in commercial, industrial, or even tenant spaces. A master electrician is required in a residence when the owner does not reside or plan to reside, or even residence with party walls, i.e, duplex, apartment, etc.
How to maintain caution while electrical wire installation?
Some precautionary measures are a must to avoid hazardous situations. They are:
No tensions or run-overs should be in there in the wiring system.
The cables should not be bent beyond the recommended radius at any point in time.
When the cable is installed, do not twist or knot it anymore.
Do not compromise on the durability of the wiring so, there should be no crushing or impact on the wire.
Make sure that no fire or heating element comes in contact with the wires and cables.
For systems that require complex manners of installations, hire electric contractors Toronto.
Maintenance of electrical wires
Homeowners not only have to install electrical wire through the proper DIY process or by taking help from professionals but also they should take proper maintenance so that the wiring stays put. Apart from all the basic cautionary maintenances, keep an eye on aging wires that are hazard-prone. Make sure to timely repair damaged wires to maintain safety for inhibitors of the home. These repair processes are costly, so it is best to purchase a home warranty that covers all these expenses.
Having a basic knowledge of electrical wiring saves dollars but having professionals electrical contractors work for you saves your life, time and money too. Astron Electric provides electrical services Toronto at comparative rates. To hire our licensed electrician for your residential electrical wriing - (416) 422-3865 (416) 929-1700


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  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Toronto ON
  • electric contractors Toronto