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How to Effectively Use LED Strip Lights

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Any electrical contractor in Toronto will be aware that the adoption of LED strip lights continues to grow as a subtle, yet striking method to accentuate a number of architectural elements, such as for the lighting within theatres, hallways/walkways, stairways, cars, etc.

Depending on the light intensity of the diodes, these LED strip lights can be classified into two distinct variants: high-intensity and medium/low-intensity strip lights.

While these two types of strip lights share much in common in terms of installation and function, their applications vary a great deal. It’s important to be able to distinguish between them to help get the most out of your space.
High-Intensity Strip Lights
LED strip lights of this variety are chiefly used to brighten a small area with intense light that serves to compliment the main light source. You’ll find that an electrical contractor in Toronto will install these in residential kitchens, doubling as an aesthetic and practical solution to illuminate work surfaces. The ability for LED strips to be dimmed expands upon their range of use cases as they aid in carrying out certain tasks, this is known as task lighting.  Interior designers are renowned for their proficiency in utilising task lighting effectively, imbuing rooms with an iconic style, and can be used in cabinet shelving, headboards, or around bathroom mirrors (LED strip lighting project installed by Astron Electric around a bathroom mirror). 
Medium, and Low-Intensity Strip Lights
Setting aside function, these LED strip lights place aesthetic appeal higher up the hierarchy. You’re prone to witness these at public gathering events, sports arenas, and festivals. Suitability of LED strip lights for functions like these is compounded as they can be housed within waterproof silicone sleeves, alleviating concerns for rainy weather. Shopping malls and businesses alike make plentiful use of these strip lights, exhibiting their wares in the most appealing way and focusing the gaze of passersby.  
Form and Function Should Be Inexpensive
Having been around since 1970, you could say we’re more than familiar with strip lighting installations at Astron Electric. Dedication to quality and cost-effective installations have made us peoples go-to electrical contractor in Toronto. We’ve seen it all; no electrical problem sits outside our remit. Get in touch and be prepared for a job well done!


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