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How to Safely Hire a Licensed Electrician in Toronto

how to safely hire a licensed electrician in toronto

 If you need electrical work done, hire a licensed electrician in Toronto familiar with the type of work you need. Electrical systems that are faulty are a fire waiting to happen, and that's reason enough to hire the best electrician in Toronto.

A circuit that is otherwise safe but poorly designed can damage appliance motors and electronics due to the wrong amperage it delivers. When an appliance is in operation, even partially overloaded circuits can flicker, a breaker may trip or a fuse might blow, resulting in a complete shutdown of the circuit. However, you can avoid these problems by hiring an experienced residential electrician in Toronto.

Here are a few tips to hire a licensed electrician in Toronto

Before Hiring an Electrician or Electrical company Toronto

Selecting an electrician isn't as simple as picking the first one you see. Hence, to make sure you've covered everything, here's what you need to do.

1 Plan Your Electrical Project for Accurate Quotes

In order to provide you with a quote, electricians need to know a few basic details. Start by defining the details. It's important to categorize the job Your electrician will also need to know if you're looking to add a new feature or upgrade an existing feature. In addition, are there current coding issues or previous malfunctions you should inform them of? You will get an accurate quote if you provide as much detail as possible.

 For clarity, ask each electrician or electrical service in Toronto what goes into their pricing model.

2. Check the Electrician’s Qualification

An electrician's state license indicates a certain level of competence, but there are two degrees of professionalism.

Master Electrician: Passed a standardized test and has a minimum of two years of experience. He is familiar with the National Electrical Code and any modifications your state has made to it. His qualifications include planning, designing, installing, and maintaining your electric system.

Journeyman Electrician: He is not eligible for a master's license. He is licensed by his state by law. Although he can install wiring and equipment, he cannot design systems.

3. Check for Insurance and References

You can verify your electrician's insurance status and license status by contacting the electrical company in Toronto that issued their license. It is also a good idea to ask each electrician for references from past clients.


After Hiring Your Licensed Electrician in Toronto

1.     Make arrangements with your residential electrician in Toronto for payment and a contract

Here is what you should include in the contract:

  • Amount or scope of the project
  • All work will be performed according to federal, state, and local laws 
  • Not-to-exceed clause
  • The workspace will be left in the same condition as it was found by the contractor 

2.     Keep a record of your electrical work

  • It's not necessary to micromanage your electrical project, but these methods can help you stay on top of things.
  • Make sure you take pictures before, during, and after
  • You can track the progress of the project using an app, and ask your contractor for updates as the project progresses

·         You should keep a loose record of your electrician's arrivals, departures, and breaks if he charges by the hour.  

After Your Electrician Has Finished

Take final photos to document the project's completion. Make your final payment and thank the electrician for the work they did. You can show your satisfaction by leaving a positive online review for yourself and agreeing to be a reference in the future.


There is a risk involved with electrical work, and it can cause harm to you and your family. Hence, your electrical work should be done by a licensed electrician in Toronto who has the expertise, equipment, and training to complete it safely. It may seem cheap to hire someone to do the work but think about the real cost if things go wrong. Hiring the wrong person can result in significant property damage or even life risks.

Astron Electric is where you will find the best electricians in Toronto. With 30+ years of experience, we are a leading electrical company in Toronto with the right expertise.

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  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Toronto ON
  • electric contractors Toronto