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Is Your Home's Electrical System Ready for the Winter?

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 When the first snow fall hits – Canadians go into winter mode. We take out our parkas, put on our winter tires, and turn on our space heaters. Preparation is key to making it through the winter months – ice storms can take down power lines, and excess cold can seep through the cracks in our homes. A licensed electrician in Toronto will tell you that it is essential to take preventative steps when it comes to preparing your home’s electrical system for the worst of winter. 

As your go-to licensed electrician in Toronto, Astron Electric is here to provide you with a few winter prep tips for your home’s electrical system. 

Examine Power Lines and Electrical Boxes Around Your Home

The worst possible scenario is your home being out of power due to fallen power lines. Snow and ice storms are heavy, and are capable of knocking down trees that can also bring down utility power lines and transformers. To avoid this, look around your home for potential hazards. 

Consider Purchasing a Surge Protector 

Power surges have been known to be the culprit behind electrical fires. With the holidays coming up, more and more people get festive by hanging up lights and other electrical-powered decorations for the season. Surge protectors are able to support the new demand for power these decorations require – allowing you to avoid extreme power amplification due to power surging events. 

Look for Moisture Near Indoor Electrical Outlets and Wiring 

With excessive snowfall comes excessive moisture – which is not ideal for your home’s electrical system. Assess your home’s interior electrical outlets and wiring for any exposure to moisture or leakage. Damp power outlets can result in sparks or electrical surges. Be sure to also check on your garage! 

Consult a Reputable Licensed Electrician in Toronto 

Still uncertain if your home’s electrical system is capable of making it through this winter? Give Astron Electric a call! As go-to electricians serving Toronto clientele for over 40 years, you can rest assured knowing we are fully capable of assessing your home for any electrical hazards that could compromise the safety of you and your family. Make sure your home gets through the worst of the winter and call Astron Electric today!

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Thanks for the information, I'm to get in touch with a licensed electrician to winter-proof our home!
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