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Licensed Electrician in Toronto: Your Safety is Paramount

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A licensed electrician in Toronto needs to be qualified to undertake all sorts of electrical services, including installation, maintenance, and upgrades. It is typical for a licensed electrician to perform service panel upgrades, lighting and power installations, fire alarm installations, wiring for residential and commercial spaces, as well as rewiring older homes. Construction sites across Toronto and the GTA also commonly employ licensed electricians to handle electrical installations for new buildings and structures.

Safety of Electrical Installations

Both serious injury and property damage can be caused by an electrical fire. These fires break out due to improper electrical wiring and can be easily avoided. Hiring a licensed electrician in Toronto ensures that all work is done by the book. Installations need to be carried out according to code and building regulations. In addition to installation, the electrician is also responsible for inspection, testing, and maintenance of electrical systems. These steps are necessary because your safety is top priority.  

What Causes Electrical Fires?

The two most common faults in an electrical system are insulation failure and overheating. Toronto is home to lots of beautiful, old houses. However, many older buildings do not have modern electrical systems. Their electrical insulation covers are usually made out of outmoded materials which tend to wear out due to age. An electrical system with damaged insulation covers is at risk of generating too much heat. In this condition, sparks can start and blossom into fire.  

Overheating is usually the result of overloaded installations. This tends to happen when an electrical circuit is powering too many appliances. The copper conductors can overheat and this leads to a blown fuse or a fire. A blown fuse is a signifier; it means there is an overload or short circuit. Take it as a sign to call in a licensed electrician to fix the source of the problem. Ignoring it would be a detriment to the safety of the occupants. It is not wise to entrust this type of work to amateurs—only a licensed electrician in Toronto can prudently assess the electrical infrastructure and utilize their years of experience to fix it. 

My family's safety is paramount. I wouldn't entrust this type of work to an amateur!
Posted by: Eliza G. | May 6, 2016, 7:49 pm
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