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Major Electrical Upgrades for Home Renovation Projects

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There comes a time when every home needs to undergo some renovations to ensure they stay updated to modern times. Unfortunately, much of your wiring system and electrical issues are hidden behind the walls, which means they can often be overlooked during a renovation project. That being said, it is always a good idea to upgrade the electrical systems in your home, and with a good residential electrician in Toronto, getting that done is not always the hassle people think it is.

Here are some popular electrical upgrades you can consider for your home renovation project:

Upgrading Electrical Wiring

If your renovation project involves opening or breaking down some walls, it is the perfect time to consider an upgrade to your old electrical wiring. This can help significantly reduce the burden on your electrical system, especially if you were planning on adding more appliances to be used in your home. This is one of the most common electrical upgrades that a residential electrician in Toronto can perform.

Upgrading Outdated Panels

To avoid potential short circuits or power outages, upgrading your old panels is a good idea. Especially with all the modern devices and appliances we use today, having more circuits in the panel is a good idea. If you don’t want to risk an electrical fire hazard due to an insufficient amount of power from your electric panel, have it upgraded or replaced. 

Installing GFCIs

GFCIs, which stands for Ground Fault Circuit Interrupters, are safety devices designed to instantly shut off the supply of power whenever the plugged-in device comes in contact with moisture. They’re commonly found in kitchens and bathrooms where contact with water is typical. Installation of GFCIs by a qualified residential electrician in Toronto may be or may not be required during a renovation, depending on your local building code. Regardless of whether it is a requirement, it is still a huge boon to your family’s safety.

For all your residential electrical needs, get in touch with Astron Electric. We have decades of experience with powering homes, and we will provide the best residential electrician in Toronto to help you get all the upgrades you need to your electrical system.

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