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Roles and Responsibilities of A Commercial Electrician In Toronto

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Commercial electricians in Toronto have been in high demand for some time and there are a number of reasons for this. A shortage of new entrants into the field, a long apprenticeship phase, numerous levels of examinations and certifications to get through and, quite simply, the job requires skill which not every electrician is capable of.


In sum, it means commercial electricians in Toronto are highly skilled, experienced and meet the minimum base standard of qualifications and ability. It is for this reason that commercial electricians are highly vaunted in the field and relied on to keep Toronto’s commercial buildings up to the strict safety and specification requirements required by authorities, banks and by insurance companies.


A commercial electrician in Toronto is licensed to work with high voltage, high current equipment and understands complex electrical blueprints.


Commercial electricians in Toronto work on significantly different projects as compared to residential electricians. They are responsible for understanding and maintaining the electrical infrastructure at commercial buildings, which, by definition, are frequented by a far greater number of people than a house. Be it a restaurant, office space or even a condo, commercial electricians in Toronto work on a larger scale than residential electricians.


This can include installing and retrofitting electrical circuitry; chalking out or reading electrical blueprints; making sure the system is within specifications prescribed under law and electrical by-laws. Wiring will include not just electrical cabling, but networking cables too. And all of these are usually enclosed in conduits or behind false ceilings or the like. In essence, the work is nuanced and must be done methodically.


Commercial electricians in Toronto will also be working on high voltage equipment and machinery. Elevator motors, network servers, audio-video equipment and the like requires significantly higher voltages than residential circuits, and draws a lot more current. The work is, thus, more challenging and can be hazardous for an under-trained and ill-equipped electrician. What’s more, with so much variation between commercial establishments and businesses, commercial electricians in Toronto must know how to work safely with such variable electrical setups.


Electricians must also be able to work in large teams on larger contractor-run projects. Working as a team requires diligence and a self-motivated individual who can be trusted to deliver quality work time and time again.


Finally, commercial electricians are affiliated to industry bodies and are bonded. This is an assurance of quality work and the mark of a reliable commercial electrician in Toronto.

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