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The Difference Between Commercial and Industrial Electricians

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Do you have an electrical project for your business, and you’re not sure if you need an industrial or commercial electrician in Toronto? While both of these electricians have cornerstone knowledge of electrical work, they have two different, specialized skillsets. They apply their expansive training in different ways, defining their work and making them quite distinct from one another.

Commercial Electricians

A commercial electrician is the more common of the two professionals. Their working environment is accessible to the masses, such as storefronts, hotels, and restaurants. Therefore, much of their work consists of maintaining or adding to the aesthetics of a building by ensuring the light fixtures or other electrical components are pleasing to the eye. With that said, a commercial electrician’s foremost concern is to make sure that the wiring system and electrical components of commercial establishments are working properly and safely. Their usual tasks involve installations of electrical equipment, auditing, and repairs. It is a commercial electrician’s job to understand the power needs of a business and fulfill that. If you think your electrical project falls within this line of work, a good commercial electrician in Toronto can help you take care of all your electrical needs.

Industrial Electricians

An industrial electrician requires much more extensive training and education. Some even go through an apprenticeship program. They are needed in manufacturing and production facilities where power requirements are so high and electrical systems work so differently from the commercial setting that a different kind of specialist is needed. They have to be always prepared to take on major issues involving high voltage of electricity, normally connected to expensive and intensely high powered machinery. Minor errors made by an industrial electrician can’t be easily fixed and can be very costly, affecting the entire production process.

As you can see, both specialists are used in very different scenarios. Knowing the distinction between an industrial and commercial electrician in Toronto will help you decide which one best suits your project.

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