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The High Demand for Licensed Electricians in Toronto

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One of the biggest problems that the trades industry has been facing for years is the large generational gap between workers. The key reason being is that millennials are not pursuing jobs in the trade sector. With this gap, there is a high demand for skilled trade workers and electricians are no exception. The Canadian Human Resources and Skills Department defines the role of an electrician as a person who installs, tests, repairs electrical wiring, devices, fixtures and equipment through where electricity flows in homes and buildings.


A licensed electrician in Toronto can get into many fields within the electrical trade, from construction and maintenance, residential wiring to more complicated fiber-optic networks. The opportunities for both the electricians and electrical contractors are sustainable. 


The work carried out by a licensed electrician in Toronto is growing to include alternate or renewable energy supplies such as solar power and wind power, electrical wiring for automated homes and systems for high tech offices and industries.


The high demand for electricians also largely depends on the growth of the construction industry as most of them work in this sector. Many are upgrading their skills to handle fiber-optics and local area networks.


Those who are specializing in new these technologies will be greatly in demand. It is estimated that within ten years Canada will face a huge shortage of workers in the construction trade industry. This means better job security for a licensed electrician in Toronto for some time to come.


In order to become licensed electricians, they have to start as apprentices first. Prior to apprenticeship, they need to have some training in the trade sector. This is where a pre-apprentice programs give them enough theoretical and practical experience to make them ready to become successful apprentices. After accomplishing the training program, students can be accepted for an apprenticeship. Once the number of hours needed as an apprentice is completed, they can apply for certification by passing an exam.


All of our electricians at Astron Electric are highly qualified and experienced. Every licensed electrician in Toronto we employ strives to provide the highest quality electrical services at competitive rates, whether it is residential or commercial. Call Astron Electric today to learn more!

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