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  • electric contractors Toronto
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The Importance of Choosing a Licensed Commercial Electrician

the importance of choosing a licensed commercial electrician

Did you know that most electrical fires that have been reported are due to faulty electrical wirings? Many homeowners attempt the installation of their electrical wiring. A quick DIY fix means saving on the fees of a licensed electrician. However, in commercial buildings a licensed commercial electrician in Toronto is employed to ensure electrical wiring is safe and correctly installed.

How to ensure electrical safety

During construction, the licensed commercial electrician in Toronto will apply for a local electrical wiring permit before undertaking any work on your electrical system. The licensed electrician will make a plan for the electrical system because receptacles and switches should be installed in areas where they are needed. For example, receptacles must be installed in all rooms in the building. Some of the receptacles must be unique to the appliance like a refrigerator, microwave oven and heating equipment. Separate receptacles can be installed for lights, desktop computers and smoke alarms. An electrical plan is very important because switches and receptacles must be strategically placed.

All the materials necessary for electrical wiring must meet the requirements of established electrical codes. Wires should be the right size with the right amp circuits to supply the necessary loads. There are also different types of switches to control receptacles. Receptacles come in different grades so that there will be no problems with heavy loads that will be used constantly. When work on the electrical system has been completed at certain stages, electrical wiring has to be inspected. Inspection is scheduled before the electrical wiring is covered by insulation, vapor barriers or wallboards. The licensed electrician will make sure that the following work has been completed prior to inspection:

-        All electrical wiring for switches, lights and receptacles are installed in the walls and properly secured to structural members. It should be terminated in the outlet box.

-        All connections including joints and bonding in outlet boxes must have been completed by a licensed commercial electrician in Toronto, with the exception of conductors required for connection of lighting fixtures, receptacles and switches.

-        Grounding and service wiring must be fully completed with electrical circuits in the panel clearly identified.

In instances when service inspection is required to facilitate construction and wiring of a structure, service can be installed in its permanent position with a convenience outlet connected. Temporary service is also an option as long as it is required by construction. Licensed commercial electricians in Toronto will make sure that the existing service is more than adequate to handle any additional loads in the future. A larger panel or an additional panel can be installed to accommodate additional requirements. Ensuring the reliability and safety of electrical installations is the main reason for service inspections. 

At Astron Electric, we pride ourselves on offering the most exceptional electrical contracting in Toronto. We do the job right the first time – our highly skilled team of licensed commercial electricians in Toronto provides professional service at competitive rates. Call us today to learn more!

Your team did amazing work at my home -- thankyou for your speedy help.
Posted by: Tracy | January 8, 2018, 5:51 pm
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  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Toronto ON
  • electric contractors Toronto