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The Integral Role of ESA in Ensuring Safe and Effective Electrical Contracting in Toronto

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 All electrical contracting in Toronto work must be done with a valid license from the ESA (Electrical Safety Authority), unless exempted by the Licensing Regulation. Even if a worker holds a Master Electrician’s license from ESA, it does not automatically authorize him to engage in carrying out any electrical contracting work without being associated with the electrical contractor that is properly licensed. ESA is an administrative authority mandated by the government of Ontario to enhance public electrical safety in Ontario. It offers safety and technical training based on the Ontario Electrical Safety Code (OESC). It functions as a safety regulator and advocate at the same time.


ESA ensures compliance with OESC, promotes awareness through education and training, and collaborates with stakeholders to enhance the safety of electrical contracting in Toronto and the whole province. Workers and managers are encouraged to continuously improve their knowledge and always follow safe work practices. A comprehensive knowledge of potential electrical harms is very critical for an effective risk reduction solution involving electrical works. This is best done by the development of essential trainings that will influence worker behavior.

Electricians and other workers involved in electrical contracting in Toronto and beyond should stay updated and be guided about electrical safety principles and safe work practices.    

In order to uphold and ensure electrical safety to everyone, ESA plays a crucial role of providing trainings that emphasize some key changes to the OESC. These include the following areas:

  • Safety awareness training: this is designed to help employers demonstrate due diligence and keep employees safe.
  • Technical training: this is based on the OESC and designed for electricians, consultants, and contractors that saves money on call-backs and enhances safety in every electrical contracting work.
  • Specialized training: this one is specially designed for electricians and consultants for an in-depth knowledge for complex topics.

These training courses are being developed continually to keep pace with the evolving trends and needs of the electrical industry. A master electrician of an electrical contractor should be equipped with the right knowledge of any changes related to the industry to perform his duties. Here at Astron Electric Ltd., the leader in providing safe and secure electrical contracting in Toronto, we take the continuous learning process with ESA very seriously and keep ourselves updated with the latest trends and technologies. We fully understand that the industry we are in is very demanding and evolving, so we keep pace with the changes through constant innovation and dedication. We ensure to provide quality and cost-effective electric contracting in Toronto. 

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