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  • Home Renovations
  • Knob And Tube Replacement
  • New Custom Home Wiring
  • 100, 200 & 400 Amp Service And Panel Upgrades
  • All Work Hydro And Esa Approved
  • Rewiring Of Older Homes
  • Lighting And Power Installations
  • Fire Alarm Installations
  • Stores And Office Wiring


The Search for an Electrical Contractor in Toronto

" After several days of seeking a reliable electrical contractor in Toronto that had a high level of experience, I finally found Astron Electric. The repairing and maintenance retailer offers various electric services and unique long lasting work for all types of electrical equipment and devices. Moreover, Astron electric offers a number of sinister electrical services including repairing and technical servicing." 

To access the best services from electrical contractors, you as a client should know the range of  services that are offered by contractors. There are numerous electrical contractors in Toronto that offer a wide range of electric services. They offer services from home installation of electricity to appliance management. Moreover, the licensing to offer these services is mandatory and should be confirmed. The services offered include maintenance of circuits, wiring, main electric panels and installation. They also install indoor lighting, smoke detectors, ceiling fans and thermostats among others.  The contactors always review the full range of services and options offered during installation so that you know what will be done. The client is required to acquire for a permit for some jobs.  The contractor will clean up and remove all debris upon completion of the work. The contractor should be accessible in case of faults.

At Astron Electric, quality is ever in design and fashion never fades as we continually commit our top engineers to crafting every masterpiece. Consequently, only the best personnel are retailed from our workshops. However, before their released to the market, we take them through rigorous and quality checks. In designing our components and machine, we allow only professional work embed the intuitive technologies borne in our research in to the final products. Companies also offer other different services to customers and the respective customer should not be ignorant of them .To enjoy these and more, choose Astron Electric as your electrical contractor in Toronto to continue providing high quality electrical services, devices, systems and equipment to the market

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