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Tools used by a residential electrician

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Everyone knows one or more residential electrician in Toronto because of the roles they play in our homes. Installations, repair and maintenance of electric systems are carried out by these people. Few homeowners take notice, however, of the kinds of tools being used in these projects. Some of these tools are:

Conduit bender

It comes in many varieties:  electrical, hand, and hydraulic. They would mainly be used by a residential electrician in Toronto to bend different types of conduits.

Wire strippers

These are plier-like tools that come in a variety of designs and features. This is the tool you should go for when you want to remove the outer jacket of a cable. It works in a way that leaves the wires intact and removes all the desired insulations without hurting one’s hands.

Diagonal pliers

These are also referred to as side cutters. They have a small cutting blade which better applies for gauge wires that are smaller in size. When nails and staples are being removed, the pliers are also used for gripping.


A residential electrician in Toronto needs this piece of technology as it has multiple necessary uses. Both analogue and digital versions are available, each with differing features in terms of current, voltage and resistance.


This is a tool used in determining the potential differences in volts between two or more points within a given electric circuit.

Insulation resistance tester

Most people refer to it as a megger and it is used in determining the value of insulation resistance in cables and other equipment.

What's a good contractor store that sells the best tools in your opinion?
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