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Upgrade Your Building with Wireless Fire Alarm Systems

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A fire alarm system is the backbone of any commercial property’s safety features. It is mandatory to have fire alarms as their ability to warn people of hazards will and have saved lives. These days, fire alarm companies have innovated to produce wireless fire alarms. This latest technology offers even more advantages compared to its wired counterpart, which provides more basic functionality. To replace your old fire alarms with wireless ones, it is necessary to contract a licensed commercial electrician in Toronto, who will possess the appropriate knowhow and authority to outfit your property with the best safety features.

Here are some of the benefits of having a wireless fire alarm installed by a reliable commercial electrician in Toronto:

More Aesthetic and Less Clutter

Unlike wired fire alarms, wireless fire alarms have no cables that might be an eyesore in the sleek interiors of a commercial building. Wireless fire alarm systems have simple AC power circuits that are connected through Wi-Fi. In addition, the design of the alarms themselves are cutting-edge, many wireless fire alarms have been made to look futuristic and stylish.

More Flexibility

With its wireless receivers and simple control panel circuit, wireless fire alarms can be altered to meet your needs and can be easily relocated if necessary. Maintaining them is easy as you can remove and clean them easily.

Mobile Alert

Today’s digital technology allows wireless fire alarm systems to send notifications directly to your smartphone. This informs you of any fire outbreaks even when you are away from your commercial property.

Indeed, wireless fire alarms with its great benefits offer a more cost-effective option to secure the safety of everyone inside your commercial property.

Install one for your commercial building today. We at Astron Electric have the best commercial electricians in Toronto who are ready to help you with all your electrical needs.

Much prefer the wireless - saves a lot of hassle!
Posted by: Rachel | July 10, 2019, 6:58 pm
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