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Upgrades and Repairs with a Certified Commercial Electrician in Toronto

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If your commercial building was built decades ago, chances are it needs upgrades. A business can benefit from aesthetic upgrades like a new flooring or windows, but it must consider upgrading and maintaining its electrical system to remain in business. You may find that, for your business, the time has come to make some upgrades, repairs and changes. A professional commercial electrician in Toronto from Astron Electric can assist your business in determining and carrying out what is needed to improve performance, lower energy bills and increase employee safety.


Here are some signs that it’s the right time for your business to consider electrical upgrades and repairs with a certified commercial electrician in Toronto: 


Check the electrical panel


A simple glance at the panel and wiring throughout your facility or shop can give you an indication of issues like wear, corrosion, rust or unsafe wiring. Open the cover to see if the labels inside are legible. You can distinguish old and unmaintained systems by finding faded labeling or, more seriously, burn marks which indicate a significant risk of fire. A commercial electrician in Toronto from Astron can conduct a thorough examination to find any issue that requires attention.


Know the signs


Another visual sign that your panel, wiring or electrical system might need some upgrade is flickering or weak lights. If the bulbs themselves are not old and worn, the panel and system likely need an inspection and replacement. Humming sounds also provide a strong indication that something’s wrong with the panel and system.  If the panel is also hot to the touch you should certainly contact a commercial electrician in Toronto promptly, as this is a clear fire hazard.

Only a certified and licensed commercial electrician in Toronto can inspect, repair and upgrade complex electrical systems in commercial settings. At Astron, we can work quickly and with expertise to meet any challenge or emergency, ensuring minimal down time and safe working conditions for you and your staff.


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