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Upgrading the Wiring in Your Home for Insurance Purposes

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Having a residential electrician in Toronto update the wiring in your home is not just a decision that would increase your energy efficiency, it may be necessary for insurance purposes. If your home was built between the mid 1960’s and late 1970’s, it is likely to have aluminum wiring, as aluminum was cheaper than copper at this time.


Types of Wiring a Home Can Have

Aluminum and copper are two of three types of wiring a home can have; the other type is knob and tube wiring. Of these three, knob and tube wiring is the most dangerous. It was used in homes constructed before the 1950’s, and is outdated. Aluminum wiring is also slightly outdated, while copper wiring is currently the standard in home construction.


In the case of homes with aluminum wiring, or in the more rare case of homes with knob and tube wiring, homeowners will have difficulties getting or renewing their home insurance due to the risks that come with these types of wiring. A homeowner in this situation would only be able to get insurance coverage for their home if their wiring is inspected or replaced by a residential electrician in Toronto, or if they choose to get high-risk homeowners insurance coverage instead.


Why Your Wiring Affects Your Ability to Get Insurance

While aluminum wiring is not hazardous and is still used for interior wiring systems of homes and commercial or industrial facilities today, it is only permitted if proper connections and terminations are made. If connections loosen, which is more likely to happen in aluminum wiring due to its greater tendency for thermal expansion and higher likelihood of oxidization, they can cause electrical fires. According to a survey conducted by the Consumer Product Safety Commission, homes built with aluminum wiring prior to 1972 are 55 times more likely to reach fire hazard conditions than homes with copper wiring.


Choose Your Electrician Wisely

Whatever existing home insurance you may have will not cover the replacement of outdated wiring; it only covers damage incurred by electrical fires. It is, however, worth investing in the replacement of outdated wiring in your home, for safety reasons and to qualify for continued insurance coverage. If you do decide to have your home rewired, this task must be performed by a licensed electrician supplied by a licensed electrical contractor. Ideally, you should hire a residential electrician in Toronto who is familiar with aluminum wiring and the process of rewiring an older home.


At Astron Electric, we supply licensed electricians with experience performing both large- and small-scale projects. We strive to provide service that is professional, friendly and efficient, at a competitive rate. We specialize in rewiring of older homes or new custom homes. Get in touch with us today if you’re in need of a residential electrician in Toronto!


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