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What are the Key Differences Between Commercial and Residential Electricians?

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Both residential and commercial electricians in Toronto are under the same umbrella of working as an electrician. However, residential electricians will work in homes whereas commercial electricians will work in places such as stores and offices. While similar, the work each performs will differ with regard to a number of factors such as size and age of the property, energy requirements, and safety code. While there are electricians in Toronto who work for commercial and residential buildings – each site (residential or commercial) will also require different types of materials and processes depending on the scope of work and requirements of the job at hand.


Voltage Requirements and Wiring


One major area of divergence between residential and commercial electricians in Toronto is the type of wiring that is used depending on the property being services. Typically stores and offices will need a higher voltage. A commercial electrician working in a store or office space will follow a three-phase approach when it comes to wiring – this three-wire system is installed to ensure that each wire carries a lighter workload. The wires in commercial properties can be exposed and may run along the exposed areas of the walls and ceilings. In contrast, residential homes will generally require less voltage. A residential electrician would utilize a single phase power system in residential homes. The wires in residential properties will run in rafters and behind walls, and are insulated to protect the wires and to prevent electrical shock.


Frequency of Servicing


Another area of difference between residential and commercial electricians in Toronto is the frequency of servicing. A commercial electrician in Toronto is more often needed to conduct regular electrical maintenance and repairs. This is especially evident in older commercial properties where the electrical systems have not been fully upgraded to code.

If you’re trying to figure out what type of electrician to hire – the above mentioned differences should allow you to differentiate between choosing a commercial electrician or a residential electrician. Astron Electric Ltd. Is capable of contracting both residential and commercial needs. Check out our services page for more information. 

Awesome read about the differences on residential and commercial electricians in Toronto!
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