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What Happens When a Transformer Blows



If you live in the suburbs you’ve likely walked past a transformer. Transformers are those box-like fixtures that you’ll find on the side of the road. They play an essential role in the electrical set-ups of most urban and suburban neighbourhoods across North America.


When a transformer blows it’s important to know what steps to take in order to ensure your safety.


As experienced residential electricians in Toronto, Astron Electric is here to provide you with the safety precautions and tips necessary to ensure your safety in the event that a transformer blows.


What are transformers exactly?


As its name suggests, transformers effectively ‘transform’ the power sourced from the city’s electrical grid. Transformers can either step up or step down the voltage of an electrical supply so that it is suitable for its applicable use. In residential areas, electricity runs at very high voltages located in overhead or underground wire. Transformers works to step down the voltage so that it is safe for household use.


Why do transformers fail?


Transformers fail for a myriad of reasons. A residential electrician in Toronto will tell you that the most common reason is due to a lightning strike which can force the transformer to overload. Any damage found elsewhere in the power grid can also result in transformer failure. Over time, wear and tear can also serve to weaken the components inside the transformer which could eventually lead to system failure.


What should I do in the event that a transformer fails?


Transformer failures can result in explosions accompanied by a loud, audible bang. You might see sparks fly and even fire – making for an unsafe environment in addition to a total disruption in electrical service to nearby businesses and homes. If you notice that a transformer appears to be failing, it’s worth calling the city or your residential electrician in Toronto – as they would know what next steps would be to mitigating the incident and ensuring everyone’s safety.

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