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What Is Causing My House Lights To Dim?

The lack of lighting affects the atmosphere and the size of the room. It will not only make your environment look dull, but also make your designed interiors unexciting and uninviting. Whenever your indoor lights dim unexpectedly in your homes, it may be caused by an electrical issue that extends beyond illumination. Before taking action and seeking advice from a licensed electrician, it's important to understand the problem, so here are four reasons why your lights keep dimming.

Incompatible Light Bulbs

Dimmer switches may behave in an unusual way if you have the wrong light bulbs. Compact fluorescent bulbs are not compatible with most dimmer switches. According to licensed electricians, this may result in faulty installations or lights that flicker. This problem can be resolved by replacing any CFLs with dimmer-compatible light bulbs. Visit your nearest electrical company in Toronto to find appropriate CFL bulbs for your home.

The Overloading of Circuits

You may notice that your lights dim or flicker if you run energy-intensive appliances such as air conditioners, microwaves, clothes dryers, or hair dryers. Experts from the electrical company in Toronto opine that it could be a sign that the circuit is overloaded. If all appliances in question are connected to the same circuit, you can determine whether this is the cause of your problem.
If your lights still dim after turning off competing appliances or if you suspect a larger problem, call an electrician. Overloaded circuits aren't uncommon in older construction.
Entrust your Electrical Requirements to Astron Electric team having Licensed Electricians.

Inefficient wiring

You may also experience sudden dimming because the wiring throughout your home is outdated or isn't able to handle the amount of current required by your lights. Over the past few decades, people's energy requirements have changed dramatically, largely due to advances in personal and domestic technology.
Due to ever-increasing power demands from the electrical system, many old homes with outdated wiring simply cannot keep up, resulting in voltage drops and dim illumination. Rewiring and other cost-effective ways to address outdated wiring in your home can be discussed with electrical contractors near you in Toronto.

Power Grid Problems

When your lights dim for a prolonged period, they may be the result of an extended brownout or a problem with your power company. Check with your local utility to determine if a transformer blew due to severe weather, or if sustained weather-related pressure has compromised service in your area. Call an electrician from Astron Electric if you need expert help.

Damaged or loose neutral wires

You may be facing a serious problem if your lights constantly fluctuate between bright and dim. The neutral wire inside your circuit breaker might be loose or corroded. There are three wires in a circuit breaker: one is red or black (the "hot" wire), one is white (the "neutral" wire), and one is green or bare (the "ground" wire), which is only meant for safety reasons.
Power is provided to your household circuit by the first two wires. A neutral wire in an electrical panel simply completes the circuit by providing a return path to earth ground. Broken neutral wires indicate an incomplete return to the electrical panel, which can lead to power imbalances in both main power wires. The brightness of your lights occurs because they receive too much voltage, and the dimming occurs because they receive too little voltage.
You could end up receiving too much power and damaging your electrical devices if this problem worsens. Fires and other safety hazards are primarily caused by loose or faulty connections. Astron Electric – a licensed electric company in Toronto cannot just eliminate any hazards that the electrical systems possess, but also provide complete fixes and repair for broken electrical appliances.
There are many reasons why your house lights go dim, and these are just a few of them. In addition to these possibilities, there are many others as well. Simply search for ‘electrical contractors near me’ on google and consult a licensed electrician in Toronto if you continue to have problems with dimming lights.


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  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • electric contractors Toronto
  • Click for the BBB Business Review of this Electricians in Toronto ON
  • electric contractors Toronto