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What to be wary of when hiring an electric company in Toronto

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 The confidence that you will get the best electrical service that matches your payment without exposing your family or employees to electrical hazards depends on the contractor you hire.


Cost of the service, discounts and quality of work  

The cost of a service is an excellent measure for the quality to expect from the team working on site. However, this should not be solely used as the benchmark for evaluating whether the electric contractor you hired complied with your instructions. The electric company in Toronto undertaking your project should have a flexible costing approach where each item is clearly stated within a reasonable price range. Once you have received the quote for your service, you also need to get the details for whatever service is to be rendered, the name of the electricians to undertake it as well as the possibility of discounts being extended to you. 


Compliance with inspection requirements

All Canadian electric companies are required to be legally registered entities who hire certified electricians only. This ensures that all electrical works performed by your hired electric company in Toronto complies with the various codes, ethics and safety standards. When compliant, the inspectors from the Electrical Safety Authority issues a certificate of compliance. As a rule, do not hire an electrical contractor whose recent history has projects not approved by the authority or rejected by insurers on the basis of non-compliance. In case you are unsure of the standards, you can check them out from the inspectorate’s website or ask your electric company Toronto representative.  


Existence of warranties and guarantees

Getting an excellent electrical service may not be enough. It should come with warranties and guarantees such as compliance with the law and the expected service term among others. This ensures that you do not do the procedure repeatedly to correct faulty electrical mistakes.


Experience in similar projects

Experience of an electrical specialist defines their ability to deliver excellent results. One such company with a clear track record of excellence is Astron Electric whose philosophy has been developed, tried, and tested over the years.  

Compliance with inspection requirements is very important! Duly noted.
Posted by: Peter B. | May 11, 2017, 6:41 pm
Really insightful! Will keep this in mind when hiring an electrician.
Posted by: Brady U. | May 11, 2017, 6:41 pm
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