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What to Expect of a Good Electric Company in Toronto

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The average day of an electric company in Toronto revolves around the installation of electrical wiring system for homes, commercial structures, and buildings. Most people would opt for a licensed and certified Toronto electric company because they prefer safe electrical installations without fear of potential electrical fires and explosions. A home is a big investment and by ensuring electrical safety, the investment is protected.

The process of electrical installation:

Electrical permit – The electric company must obtain a permit before starting on any electrical wiring. A permit is provided once the electrical contractor submits a floor plan, service size, service equipment drawing, and a list of materials that will used in the installation process.

Floor plan - The floor plan of an electrical system includes the receptacles that are dedicated to stationary appliances, branch circuit-type interrupters, and circuit breakers. The kitchen requires circuits and outlets for all the electrical appliances like the refrigerator, range, built-in microwave oven, etc. A separate receptacle that is supplied from a separate circuit is exclusively provided for the refrigerator. Another separate receptacle and circuit is installed by the electric company for the electric range. Additional outlets that are connected to the general circuitry are installed for general lighting, task lighting, and exhaust fans.

Bathrooms, laundry areas, bedrooms, and the garage are supplied with receptacles coming from a separate circuit that goes directly to the distribution panel. Outdoor receptacles are also provided for general use, with the appropriate location indicated on the floor plan. Separate receptacles must also be installed for carbon monoxide alarms and smoke alarms.

Materials - Appropriate materials are very critical to the installation of the electrical system. Any electric company in Toronto understands the importance of being organized and that if the materials do not meet the approval by accredited certification agencies, approval for the installation may not be provided. Electrical inspection authorities in Canada will only accept electrical equipment that includes certification markings. Single conductors are usually covered with insulation, except in certain instances when the conductor will be used as service neutral or for grounding purposes. The size of the conductor for each circuit will be determined by the amperage required for a particular circuit.  

Great article. I learned so much.
Posted by: Jodi | November 23, 2016, 7:16 pm
You don't need a permit for small house jobs though, do you?
Posted by: Claire | September 26, 2016, 6:33 pm
finding a good electric company in toronto can be a nightmare. doing my research realy helps tho.
Posted by: jeane | August 19, 2016, 4:51 pm
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