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What you need to know when hiring an electrical contractor in Toronto

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 When planning a project that involves laying new electrical wiring or tempering with the existing one you need to have the right hands for the job. It means hiring an electrical contractor in Toronto who has the right qualifications and accreditation in the specialty of your project. As an assurance for a competitive run for your money, you need to hire a certified electrician whose work complies with the Ontario law. Below are some things you need to know when hiring the contractor for the job.


Certification of the contractor: The electrical contractor you hire for your project should be certified to service and handle electrical works in the class of your project. It might be a commercial or residential project, so hiring the right contractor ensures compliance with various inspection electrical safety standards as required by Canadian law.


Legal standards and requirements: Every electrical contractor in Toronto should work in compliance with the Ontario Electrical Safety Code and other pre-inspection standards. In ensuring compliance, your electrical wiring should be done by an expert by ensuring perfect merger between technology, safety standards, and traditional wiring standards.


Permits and fees: Except for minor electrical systems repairs and installation, all other forms of electrical installations require official permits from the Electrical Safety Authority. Your contracted electrical service provider should effectively help you secure the permits within 48 hours before the process commences. For your convenience and planning purposes, you need to know the permits required and their respective fees. This ensures that you weed out potentially rogue electrical contractor in Toronto specialists who might charge higher fees for the permits.


Inspection standards and requirements: Soon after completion of all electrical installations, the Electrical Standards Authority undertakes an independent inspection for compliance with the law. To avoid being required to redo the work, you need to properly know the standards and requirements for the inspection and compliance.


At Astron Electric, we understand the ethics of the electrical installations in Canada. That’s why we commit to delivering the highest value in all we do in compliance with the law. Test us today for ecstatic outcomes. 

This really helped me identify the real deal from the frauds out there. Thanks!
Posted by: Tom55 | June 14, 2017, 8:51 pm
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