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Why Restaurants Need To Call A Commercial Electrician in Toronto

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Restaurants, it is commonly assumed, are at greatest of risk of fire from what goes on in the kitchen. However, since so much attention is diverted to kitchen safety, ironically, the greatest risk of fire and property damage comes from substandard wiring. And it is why restaurant owners must always rely on a commercial electrician in Toronto for all of their wiring needs.


Dissecting the anatomy of a restaurant, which is something a commercial electrician in Toronto will know how to do, we find several sources of high electrical draw. The industrial-grade refrigerators and freezers require vastly more electricity than those found in residential dwellings. Electric appliances like ovens, grills, dishwashers and more are all industrial grade too and have a far greater current draw than their home counterparts. Lighting in the dining areas and for the kitchen, on for much of the day, also draws significant amounts of power. Any entertainment systems and ancillaries will draw a great deal of power too.


The circuits in a restaurant are, therefore, heavier duty, the voltages are higher, the configuration of electrical systems is different and the electrical plans and standards required are distinctly different from residential work.


It is why a commercial electrician in Toronto is recommended, and we take a look at some reasons why this is so.


Cheaper – Calling a commercial electrician in Toronto to have quality and certified work done on commercial premises frequented by customers is much, much cheaper than having to renovate a building damaged by a fire and rebuild a brand no longer trusted.


Overloading – One of the leading causes of electrical fires in restaurants is due to overloaded circuits. A commercial electrician in Toronto has the experience to know when a circuit has reached its optimal load. He or she will be able to guide you about a panel upgrade, or reconfigure your electrical load to balance it out evenly.


Training – This is one benefit and service that is used too little, but one that has seen growth having been encouraged by insurance companies and banks. Training and educating your staff is critical to safe electrical operation. Given the higher power outputs in operation, staff must understand how to handle plugs, watch out for electrical faults and how to handle emergent situations.


Certification – Banks and insurance companies, having realized the possibility of restaurant fires leading to lost businesses and insurance claims, have become rather more adamant about getting an official letter of work done from a commercial electrician in Toronto. Thus, make sure you do not breach your insurance or leasing terms and conditions by getting an unqualified or uncertified electrician.

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