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Your Electric Panel May Be in Need of an Upgrade

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Many homeowners may not know it, but their low capacity service panel can be the culprit of their electrical woes.


If you’re no stranger to finding your lights go out when plugging in a new appliance, it is important you consider a service panel upgrade.


While you may be following methods of best practice when it comes to electric safety, situations outside of your control, especially in older establishments, can prompt the need for a residential electrician in Toronto. One of these reasons being your service panel, let’s dive into why upgrading your service panel to 200 AMP can be a smart move:


Old Home, New Panel

The electrical needs for older homes were much lower than those of today, where 30, 50, or 60 AMPS made sense to sufficiently meet the entire needs of the house. Alas, needs do not remain stagnant and, since the 1980s, 200 AMPS has been deemed the standard for modern housing.


As such, it becomes apparent that those with outdated panels should consider an upgrade. To ensure your property is outfitted with a 200 AMP panel, we recommend you seek the services of a residential electrician in Toronto to evaluate your needs.


The More Circuits the Merrier

Do you find your household filled with appliances and gadgets that require consistent electricity? This isn’t an uncommon situation in modern homes – a situation a 200 AMP panel is more than equipped to handle. Because of their increase in circuits compared to more outdated service panels, they provide an efficient and, more importantly, safe electrical system.


Dangers originate from overloaded circuits, a vulnerability that is exposed when many appliances are jammed into a few circuits, putting you and any other occupant at risk. Lower this risk by seeking the expertise of a residential electrician in Toronto.


More Capacity, More Electrical Flow

Do you find it a common occurrence for your circuit breaker to trip? Especially when using many appliances at the same time? This issue is symptomatic of your electrical panel not having the capacity it needs to power your appliances, such as your TV, refrigerator, microwave, etc. 


A 200 AMP panel can counteract this issue as it has a higher capacity, meaning you get the electrical current your property requires from the electrical grid.


An Effortless Upgrade

Your service panel upgrade doesn’t have to be stressful. With a reliable residential electrician in Toronto from Astron Electric, you can be sure the experience will be seamless and effective. Our licensed electricians provide 100, 200, and 400 AMP panel upgrades, depending on the evaluation of your property.


Whether you need residential or commercial work done, we have the skillset to provide turnkey solutions for all things electric, at competitive rates! Reach out and we’ll be sure to have a licensed contractor ascertain your needs.


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